Hitman 3 - Everything you need to know

Games 18/01-2021

You have a target. How you eliminate that target is up to you. How will you do it? With what kind of weapon? Wearing what disguise? How will you escape the crime scene without anyone noticing? Those are the questions you’ll have to face once more when Hitman 3 launches January 20 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PC and Stadia.

A job for Agent 47

As it is the third game in the reboot series, you may be a bit intimidated to get your hands dirty in this world of assassination. But don’t worry! At the beginning of the game, there’s a cutscene that lays down the story so far. Agent 47 is a professional assassin who took down seemingly random targets in the first two games, until a shocking twist right before the new game starts (don’t worry, we’re not going to spoil anything). Let’s just say the plot is taking some explosive turns as you play through the missions.

No more episodes, everything is here

You may be wondering if you’re going to have to wait for months to play all the missions in Hitman 3. The first game in the reboot trilogy was released in episodes. Each episode was its own level with multiple targets. That was pretty cool, as you had plenty of time to explore each location to its fullest, make your deadly plans and then wait some weeks for the next mission to drop. Some people didn’t like that at all though, since they wanted to play through the missions just like in a traditional game. Hitman 3 comes out with all its missions right out the gate. So no more waiting. Fans of the series know that each mission’s location is its own huge sandbox with lots of different things to explore. In this globe-trotting adventure you’ll visit Dubai and England, amongst other destinations.

Assassination playground

You murder enemies in lots and lots of video games, so what makes Hitman special? It’s the idea of each level being its own sandbox. How you kill your target is mostly up to you. Let’s say you have to kill a famous model. You could just run up to them and use a gun. That’s an option, but a pretty bad one. You could also disguise yourself as the cook, poison the model’s cocktail and walk right out of the fashion show while they sip the last drink of their life.

Or why not just manipulate the chandelier in a way so it falls down right when the target walks on the catwalk? There are many ways to go about each assassination, so every mission is highly replayable. A new feature helps with this even further, you can now unlock shortcuts inside the levels (such as ladders) to save time in future playthroughs.

But there’s more. Once you finish the story you can go back to each location and try to assassinate a target based on specific rules, created by the developers but also by the community. In some of those missions you have exactly one try to eliminate the target. One mistake and it’s game over.

This is where the “world” of assassination comes into play. The developers took this idea one step further and have designed Hitman 3 to be its own platform. You can import all the missions from Hitman 1 and Hitman 2 to be playable in Hitman 3. Progression carries over as well.