PUBG Mobile - Everything you need to know

Games 10/05-2021

PUBG Mobile - Everything you need to know Happy 3rd anniversary to PUBG Mobile! The battle royale phenomenon that started as an insider tip on the PC made its way onto phones and became one of the biggest mobile games today. Let’s take a fresh look at PUBG Mobile!

A primer

New to PUBG or battle royale in general? Let’s get you up to speed first! 100 players drop onto a map, the last survivor wins. Easy enough, isn’t it? Once you land you have to scout your surroundings to find weapons, ammunition and armor in order to survive as long as you can. Camping for 20 minutes won’t cut it, as the playable area gets smaller and smaller as time progresses. The best way to win a match is to know the map, use the weapons you’re good at effectively and keep your cool at all times.

New map: Karakin

For the anniversary celebration the devs came up with a slew of content and new features. It all started with an electronic music festival with three armbands that grant a set of unique skills and a bit of a music-focused take on the battle royale action gameplay. The mode is only available on the Erangel map and you’ll have to look for cassettes in order to unlock all the skills.

The bigger news, however, is the new map Karakin that's been available since the beginning of April. Karakin is located on the coast of North Africa and features a dry, open terrain full of rocks. Only 64 players compete on Karakin, but is smaller and more dense than other maps in the game. So every moment counts. You could either try to snipe your enemies from a higher position in the mountains or try to fight them head-on in the city.

New features

New updates, new features! The new Demolition Zones make camping a bit more difficult. Here, buildings will be damaged or even completely destroyed, so hiding in them for a longer period of time isn’t the best idea. Speaking of hiding; if you suspect an enemy behind one of the thin walls in Karakin, you can just shoot through it. Or even better, use the new throwable sticky bomb to destroy the wall yourself and surprise the enemy!

New season

The Royale Pass Season 8 “Hundred Rhythms” has started and offers loads of different items, skins, sprays and more to unlock. In order to get access to the Pass you’ll need to buy it with UC, which you can purchase with paysafecard through Midasbuy. All you need to do is choose paysafecard as your preferred payment method.* *Check availability in your region