Meet mithy

Der G2 Spieler Alfonso "mithy" Aguirre Rodriguez im Interview
eSports 27.07.2017

Alfonso “mithy” Aguirre Rodriguez ist einer der besten Support Player und spielt seit 2016 für G2. Bevor er bei G2 durchstartete war er mit deinem Bottom Lane Kollegen Zven bei dem Team Origen. Seine Anfänge machte Mithy mit World of Warcraft und Bloodline Champions bevor er mit League of Legends begann. Hier geht es zu mithys G2 Page und zu seiner Twitter Page.

“There is no chance I would not be a pro gamer.”

Do you have a lucky charm?

I always put my watch in the same place, or I have this small elephant, white elephant, a small miniature.

If you weren’t a pro-gamer – what else would you do?

I would still be into esports somehow. I was studying games programming at the university, so I’d probably just keep going that pa th and see where it takes me. But there is no chance I would not be a pro gamer.

What was your first video game?

I swapped from World of Warcraft which I was already pretty good at, to Bloodline Champio ns which I became really good at. And then, at that point, I realised I could just be really good at whatever game I wanted to be good at, and it was all a matter of mindset, hard work, and dedication and then I just chose whatever game came to me next which was League of Legends.


Q: Salty or Sweet?

A: Salty.

Q: EU or NA?

A: I have never been to North America, so Europe I guess.

Q: Solo or Duo?

A: Umm... Duo.

Q: Laptop or Computer?

A: Computer, if I can.

A shout-out to your fans?

Special thanks to those of you, who just stick by us no matter what and are actually true fans and believe in us. Thank you!