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All in

Published on 16.12.2015

When IT, Marketing, Product and Project Management work as one, it contributes hugely to the successful completion of a major project. Something which may seem from the outside to involve little more than a simple click of the “go live” button was actually months of work for a core team of more than 20 people.

In mid-October, paysafecard received a completely new image with a new website, a redesigned my paysafecard presence and a new payment panel.

From a survey of those involved, one point in particular stands out: teamwork. For almost all of those asked, it was the teamwork among colleagues which was responsible for that “Yeah Moment” or which served as a highlight or the greatest motivating factor.

One colleague describes the project as a milestone in his career. The relaunch also represents a milestone for the company in terms of its scope and outcome.

However, this was only possible due to the joint-pursuit of one goal. The tag cloud reveals a wonderful picture of the project team’s team spirit and serves as a lovely compliment to the teamwork among colleagues.

The result of this grand project with tight deadlines and all-in approach by the team can be seen on the website, with every paysafecard payment and when using my paysafecard*, the online payments account for our customers.

* not available in every country.