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Every merchant counts!

Published on 16.12.2015

Creating something new, a project title that becomes a greeting, and bringing the requirements of all the many participating teams under one roof: in conversation with Johannes Mayer, Product Manager responsible for the paysafecard Service Center.

What is the Service Center?

A B2B customer portal. New partners wishing to integrate paysafecard can now map the entire onboarding process end to end directly in the portal. This includes technical integration, contract completion, the compliance check and production data preparation.

What is great about this product?

A complete solution has been created in three generations. Starting with the automation of recurring tasks in the first step, this was then followed by the first version of the paysafecard Service Center which covered the technical integration part of the onboarding process. Since October 2015, the complete onboarding process is now mapped within the Service Center. For our partners, this means an even more customer-friendly and more transparent solution. For us internally, this means that many colleagues have more resources to dedicate to other topics and improvements for our customers.

What was the approach you took to this project?

Having many conversations and bringing in the know-how of colleagues from previous projects. In the first step, we created a rough schedule and a flow diagram mapping processes, data streams and dependencies with other systems. The rough then became the fine: talking to every department in detail and presenting the plan to ensure that no existing processes were excluded. Agile development and making it ready for early testing.

A project in 3 generations, more than 30 colleagues involved and 320 development tasks. What distinguished the project behind the scenes?

The exceptional teamwork of all involved. Even in the first generation, the development team kept working hard at it right up to Christmas to have it ready the previous year. Two colleagues also committed to testing despite it not being among their core tasks. The cooperation between so many teams and departments ... was amazing. That’s what sets paysafecard apart for me. The departments and areas do not seal themselves off from each other. Highly spontaneous and productive help is therefore natural.

Was there a running gag during the project?

When the project went into the second generation with the title MONG (Merchant Onboarding Next Generation) we began greeting each other in the mornings with “Mong” instead of “Morning”.

Your personal “yeah moment” was ...

The joint deployment in October. We were all sitting together in a room. Each department had released its step. To get direct feedback from all the stakeholders was a super ending. And naturally seeing the paysafecard Service Center finally covering the complete onboarding process available online.

Was the completion of the project celebrated?

As is standard at paysafecard (laughs).

3 words on the project

Teamwork, creating something new, diversity.


Johannes Mayer has been at paysafecard since March 2014. A graduate in Business Administration for Business Consultancy and with a background of seminars and certificates in agile methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban, he also brings more than 8 years of experience as a Product Manager in the IT and Online sector, including at Austria’s largest online real estate platform and an Austrian banking institute. At paysafecard Johannes is a Product Manager responsible for the B2B area in the form of the Merchant Services Portfolio.