paysafecard App of the Month - League of Legends: Wild Rift

Games 18.01.2021

When you hear the word MOBA, you most likely picture sitting in front of your PC for a pretty long amount of time playing with your mouse and keyboard. But what if you could play a condensed version of the super popular genre on your phone, wherever you are? Mobile MOBAs have been a thing for a while, but he never really captured the thrill and the experience of the “real” thing. Until Riot Games’ League of Legends: Wild Rift, which is now available on Android and iOS.

MOBA action on the go

In case you don’t know how a MOBA works, here’s a short summary. Two teams battle it out on a symmetrical map with three lanes. The goal is to reach the enemy’s base and destroy it first. Sounds easy, right? That’s the great thing about MOBAs: as simple as the premise is, the genre lends itself to all sorts of deep strategies and tactics. The big reason for that are the champions, the characters you can play.

More than 40 champions to choose from

Don’t be intimidated by the huge number. With more than 40 champions in Wild Rift there are definitely a couple of characters that fit your play style perfectly. You like to keep your distance and use weapons to fight enemies? Try the bounty hunter Miss Fortune with her two pistols. Or do you prefer to lurk in the shadows and wait for the perfect opportunity to strike? Then the master of shadows Zed is your guy. Each champion features their own special abilities that you can level up during a match. Assisting in kills or destroying structures grants you gold, which you can spend for stat-boosting items. This allows you to change your strategy on the fly each match, so you can react to what the enemy team is doing. With two teams and 5 players each, there are a lot of different combinations of champions and attacks to keep in mind while storming the lanes.

How does it control?

A deep game doesn’t need complicated controls. Wild Rift only uses the touch screen and it works really well. You have your virtual stick, with which you control your hero and touch buttons for each action and special ability. Of course, when there’s touch involved you can’t expect the same precision as you get with a mouse and keyboard. And before you worry about your hands cramping up, the games in Wild Rift are more condensed and hence shorter than on PC. All in all, the best control scheme for a mobile MOBA to date!

Is it free?

Yes, Wild Rift is free to play. However, there are ways to spend real money. Not all champions are free to use at all times. Instead, there is a changing rotation of free characters you have to get used to. If you want to play your favourite champion at all times, you’ll have to purchase them. Cosmetic items such as skins are also purchasable.

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