3 questions for Alexandra Schlömmer, Head of Group Human Resources

The paysafecard group is an international, expanding company with an abundance of exciting work areas such as sales, marketing, product management, IT, operations, financing, legal, compliance, anti-fraud, human resources and controlling. We would like to provide a glimpse into the everyday working life and company personality of paysafecard by putting three questions to some of our employees from different areas of the company.

Human Resources

We will start with the Human Resources department by asking Alexandra Schlömmer, Head of Group Human Resources, three questions.

The paysafecard HR department is made up of two Human Resource generalists, an HR Operations Specialist and Alexandra Schlömmer, Head of Group Human Resources.  She has taken the time to answer three questions about her daily business. Her duties are very diverse and range from recruiting and integrating new employees to performance management.

What skills, characteristics and passions should a member of the HR department bring with them?

A passion for HR, the ability to work with different kinds of people, optimism, stamina, a sense of humour and, last but not least, a sound training and broad experience in HR management.

What sets apart the HR paysafecard department from those at other companies? What distin-guishes your department?

I think that the greatest difference to other HR departments is that we pursue a very solution-orientated and flexible approach. We see ourselves as an internal service provider which offers its customers a modern, high-end HR service. This can mean that we are ready to quickly drop one project and take a new one on board ad hoc. Making exceptions is also occasionally necessary. It is important for me that the department does not become stuck in a set way of working, but remains flexible and contributes to the dynamic of our international business. I don't see that as a burden, but as the freedom to continually shape the way we work.

When is the peak busy time for your department? When is there especially much to do?

At five to twelve and on 31 December :-)

Closing statement: For me it is characteristic of paysafecard...

...to be as dynamic as an IT start-up and as serious as a payment service provider. A fantastic product, exciting jobs, a great company climate.

[caption id="attachment_677" align="alignright" width="189"] Alexandra Schlömmer, Head of Group Human Resources[/caption]

For further information please contact Alexandra Schlömmer, jobs@paysafecard.com.

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