3 Questions for Sonja Mangl, Lead of Merchant Operations

paysafecard is an international, rapidly growing company with numerous exciting areas of responsibility, such as sales, marketing, human resources, IT, legal, compliance and communications. By putting 3 questions to employees from different areas of the company, we provide exciting snapshots of the diverse working life of paysafecard.

Merchant Operations Department (MOPS)

paysafecard makes paying on the internet possible for people who greatly value online data protection and security or who do not wish to share their personal information or bank or credit card details. Paying in an online shop with paysafecard only requires entering the 16-digit paysafecard PIN — safely and simply! At paysafecard it is the Merchants Operations department that looks after any project involving new and existing merchants (meaning contractual partners who offer paysafecard as a payment method to their customer groups). Its central task is the onboarding of new contractual partners from the initial contact to the final check that allows them to go live. The entire integration process is cross-departmental. Here, MOPS functions as the linchpin, meaning that it is the first point of contact and the coordinator between the departments involved. In addition to onboarding, the department also supports existing contractual partners, such as when changes to their data need to be implemented. In short, whenever a contractual partner is involved, the MOPS team is there. This includes day-to-day business, going live in new countries and adapting processes.

The paysafecard Merchant Operations department performs outstandingly under the leadership of Sonja Mangl, Lead of Merchant Operations. We asked her three questions about her daily business at paysafecard:

What is a typical day in the Merchant Operations department at paysafecard? A typical day in the MOPS department?

Good question! Such a thing doesn’t really exist. Each day is different here. Our main task is essentially the onboarding of new contractual partners and looking after/supporting existing partners when changes need to be made (such as bank details, address information etc.). Naturally, we also receive many questions from a huge range of other departments, such as about the current status of a contractual partner or about any of the diverse range of processes.
To ensure that we’re never bored, we have a hand in play in just about every in-house project. This results from the fact that the majority of projects involve contractual partners. My team and I like to be energetically involved and to help our colleagues where we can.

What has been the greatest challenge at paysafecard to date?

The greatest challenge at paysafecard so far was taking up the position of Lead of Merchant Operations in autumn last year. At that time I actually had two roles to perform. One was my previous role as an operative team member of the department, whereby I continued my daily work; in addition to this, I also had my new role as the new Lead. For this reason, those four months from September to December 2015 were incredibly work-intensive. Moreover, there was also the recruitment process of my replacement. Considering all this, the fact that I was able to welcome our new team member at the start of January 2016 makes me even happier. My team is once again complete and I can devote my energy to the diverse range of Lead tasks. These include supporting, further training and supervising my team and its project allocations. I also review diverse Sales requests, advanced management training sessions, and coordinate between many different departments and parallel-running projects.

Which skills should employees bring with them for this job?

A resilience to stress, flexibility and forward and collaborative thinking are essential skills in the MOPS department. Because paysafecard is an incredibly dynamic and rapidly growing company, its diverse processes and demands change regularly. It is often the case that an incredible amount has to be done very quickly. In such situations it is necessary to keep a cool head, as well as to have the required flexibility to occasionally approach things differently as the situation demands. Collaborative and forward thinking are also needed to be able to keep the big picture in mind even during smaller tasks. This is the only way to arrive at the desired result.

What typifies paysafecard for me is ... .

.. nothing! It’s not possible! Plenty of action, plenty of dynamism, plenty of challenges and even more fun — and all this in a wonderful working environment with opportunities for advancement and an appreciative atmosphere.

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