Online Dating

Currently, almost 1 million Austrians log on to online dating sites each month to find a partner. However, when compared to the rest of Europe, Austria is "only" at seventh place when it comes to using dating sites - with first place held by Sweden. Statistics also show that northern Europeans use online dating services more often than southern Europeans.

The success speaks for itself, with almost one third of relationships now beginning online. In this respect, Germans are the European champions. One thing that remains "traditional" is that more than 50% of those seeking partners online are men and that 94.6% of all first contact is initiated by them. Perhaps this will change in the future, as dating is moving into the mobile world, and location-based mobile dating is increasingly used by women.

When it comes to per capita expenditure for online dating, Austria is at fifth place. Germany is at fourth place behind Sweden and England - with first place going to Switzerland.

Revenues generated by the industry in recent years have grown disproportionately to the growth in the number of users. The reason for this is the increasing number of internet users, optimised sales processes and safer payment options that allow users to pay online without having to enter their credit card or bank details.


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