Gaming Despite the Heat — Top Tips for Hot days

Many gamers are physically fit, tanned and anything but couch potatoes. Online gaming can remain relevant in summer when one takes a few tips into account.

Creating shade for gaming enjoyment

The most important thing for gaming outdoors is good screen visibility. There are dedicated outdoor screens, but not everyone takes sunny conditions into account when purchasing hardware. For this reason, a little shade is the gamer’s best friend when it comes to playing outdoors. A good spot should be found before gaming begins. Important points to consider: Which path will the shade follow throughout the day? How long will I be able to make use of it before having to change location?

Keep the computer cool

A cooling pad, such as those available in shops for twenty to thirty euros is a good idea. Another option is software tools designed to optimise laptop cooling performance. The popular site chip.de offers a selection of free programs.

The body doesn’t stop

Don’t forget the basic necessities of life when gaming: hydrate sufficiently (preferably with water, fruit juice or tea), keep the head shaded or covered, and preferably sit completely in the shade. Avoid prolonged, uncomfortable postures, such as sprawled on a towel. It’s easy not to notice during exciting moments in a game, but bad posture will return to exact its price over the coming days ...

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