Girl Power in the Gaming Industry

For a long time, video and computer games were considered solely the domain of men. However, this is definitively no longer the case: In contrast to a popularly believed prejudice, women are more than equal when it comes to gaming. They are also becoming increasingly important to the digital games industry.

This is confirmed by a study from the Entertainment Software Association (ESA). According to that study, adult women (18+) form the largest group of the US gaming community: representing 36% (and growing). This is not a recent development. The average adult woman has been playing video and computer games for 13 years already.

Great Britain is also seeing gaming rise from a nerd hobby to the people’s sport: More than two thirds of all Britons are already gamers and 52% of them are women. This is according to current findings by the International Advertising Bureau (IAB), who interviewed more than 4000 participants.

Germany’s proportion of women gamers is also in line with the global picture: According to a study by the Federal Association of Interactive Entertainment Software (BIU) in March 2014, 47% of all video game users in Germany are women. This is 12% more than the previous year.

How Women Play – Mobile, Powerful Purchasers, Loyal

According to a study by the market research company Flurry (based on 1.1 million devices), women not only form a large section of mobile game customers and users, they are by far the most active players.

On average, women spend 35% more time on mobile games and complete 31% more in-game purchases than their male counterparts. In addition, around 42% of women remain loyal to their downloaded games longer, whereas a large proportion of men uninstall games shortly later.

Strong Women in Video Games

The increasingly important and decisive role in video games that women play has also be-come prominent. Female athletes and warriors have become powerful main characters who distinguish themselves through their courage, strength and ambition.

For the first time ever, the upcoming FIFA 16, probably the world’s most popular football game, will also feature women teams to choose from. Lara Croft is also looking forward to an exceptionally emancipated role in “Rise of the Tomb Raider”. She is increasingly achieving recognition as a personality known for her abilities and not her curves.

All these developments prove that women present enormous growth potential for the games industry - now and in the future.

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