Hackathon in Bratislava a huge success - great ideas might lead to new features and services

With innovative solutions such as the online account my paysafecard, the paysafecard app with augmented reality and the new scan2pay feature, the paysafecard development team has come up with some brilliant ideas - and products - that provide customers and partners with unique services.

Despite the recent success, paysafecard’s brightest minds have no intention to rest on their laurels. On the contrary: they are still full of ideas and enthusiasm. That’s why paysafecard joined forces with Capco to organise a Hackathon in the beautiful city of Bratislava.

In October, paysafecard’s entire IT department set off for the 4-day Hackathon in Slovakia. Their mission: to transform great ideas into breathtaking new applications. In an inspiring atmosphere and a fun environment, the participants suggested topics they would like to work on before the teams started with their projects. Soon after each team had discussed its initial tasks and every team member had been assigned specific work, all that could be heard was the sound of fingers flying over the keyboards.

After 4 days of hard work and many moments of fun and laughter with the hosts of Capco in Bratislava, the teams were able to present some very promising solutions and features as well as more ideas for future Hackathons. paysafecard customers and partners should soon be able to benefit from the results achieved in Bratislava. According to the participants from both companies, Capco and paysafecard, the Hackathon was a huge success; as a great teambuilding event; but also because of its actual outcome.

Capco and its entire staff proved to be exceptional hosts. On behalf of all participants, paysafecard would like to thank the team for a great event - which will be repeated next year.

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