How I became what I am – paysafecard on the Living Book Day 2013

„People with different professional backgrounds become living books. Just borrow your intended profession for a background talk.“

Against this background, the huge reading room of Vienna universitys library was transformed yesterday into a kind of library with biological books – living books, actually. Renowned and exciting personalities from very different companies were invited to tell students how they became what they are.

Among those living books: Alexandra Schloemmer, Head of Group Human Resources of paysafecard. In a kind of speed dating the participants could get into inspiring talks with the 66 Living Books and gather useful information on their careers, professional life and individual insights and experience. The students seized the opportunity and had plenty of questions. So Alexandra Schloemmer could present her advise to her „readers“, e.g. on multidiscipline studies, focuses of different courses, internships or how to start a career.

For her it was her first Living Book Day and she intends to participate again next time: „It was really exciting for me. The participants were selected on a high level, and this contributed to a very special and intense atmosphere.“

The general format of the Living Book Day was invented in Scandinavia and originally was intended to get acquainted with other cultures. By further development it changed into a mighty career tool for students.

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