Into the new year with the new app

2016 will be a big year for digital payments. Gartner and Jupiter Research Institute calculates that 450 million users will use mobile devices for payment processes and the Bank of America estimates the volume of transactions completed via mobile devices to be 721 billion USD. It’s no wonder then that our paysafecard app is gaining greater central significance than ever. That’s why we have heavily invested in its continued development, once again using only our in-house know-how and team to implement the relaunch.

Particular thanks also goes to our hardworking testers. Following extensive usability tests, we not only gave our app a fresh coat of paint, but also added additional services and advanced features.

What’s new?

In order to offer our users a better overview of all that our app offers and to improve access to its individual features, the most essential are displayed directly on the home screen.

  • scan2pay: mobile payments via QR code (except in Great Britain)
  • Sales outlet finder with 360° augmented reality mode
  • Continuously updated balance check
  • my paysafecard payments account log-in

Additional features:

  • Smartwatch (Google Wear) for finding the nearest sales outlet.
  • Promotions & competitions
  • User verification with fingerprint scanning
  • Help & info: all the answers to the most important questions about paysafecard.

paysafecard Mastercard goes mobile in Austria, Spain, Italy and France

paysafecard Mastercard offers all the advantages of prepaid payments coupled with the worldwide acceptance of Mastercard; it can be used to pay wherever Mastercard is accepted. paysafecard Mastercard can now be topped up via my paysafecard using the app.

How do you get the new paysafecard app? Simply download it — from App Store or Google Play.

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