Mi Data es Su Data?

Surfing the net autonomously and securely.

Moving about in your daily doings with total anonymity is virtually impossible nowadays. Mobile data traffic has increased by two-thirds last year and was therefore 30 times larger than the entire Internet was in the year 2000. This enormous flood of data can usually be attributed to personal data, such as location data from cell phones, usage data from apps and websites, contract data from online shopping activities, data from social networks, e-mails, chats or telephone calls.

This makes data security more important than ever.

Austria takes a strong stance when it comes to data privacy. According to the latest Euroba-rometer survey on behalf of the European Commission, Austrians give data protection high priority. Plus, more and more Internet users are realizing that the protection and security of their data greatly depends on their own conduct. This was revealed in a representative survey on behalf of the high-tech association Bitkom. Nearly two-thirds (62 percent) feel that they are primarily responsible for the security of their own data in the Internet. The motto: Everyone has to make a contribution to data protection and data security.

Precaution does not necessarily have to be complicated.

Besides the intentional disclosure of data, carelessness and negligence are often the causes of cybercrime. General daily prudence and the observance of some self-evident rules are enough to be on the safe side. Be frugal - when disclosing personal information on the Internet Be sceptical - of too-good-be-true promises, e.g of e.g. of having won something. Be wary - of seemingly necessary provision of data Self-responsibility is reasonable and important. After all, security starts with one's own conduct, and the things we do and do not do.

In this spirit: better safe than sorry!

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