mobile games – a billion dollar business

Based in San Francisco, Amsterdam and Shanghai, Newzoo is a market research company specialising in the online gaming sector. Experts there have calculated the global turnover achieved by mobile games in 2014. It is in the billions: According to them, a good 25 billion USD was generated by mobile digital games in 2014 alone. The increase of 42% on 2013 is more than considerable. During 2015, mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, have already replaced conventional game consoles as the most important hardware for gaming. As a dominating trend, mobile has penetrated leisure sectors, like gaming before it.

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Informative figures for Germany — which so often can also be generally applied to Austria — are supplied by the Mobile Games 2015 study from Deloitte. Mobile games in Germany are a massive phenomenon: 37% of consumers play on their smartphone or tablet — 14% of them every day. Among these heavy users, female gamers have become dominant: 17% of women play at least once a day on their phone. Among men, this is only 12%. When viewed across age segments, usage is higher among younger consumers. However, mobile gaming has also captured older age groups. A quarter of those asked aged between 55 and 64 play at least once a week. This is also true for 15% of those over 65.

Also of interest is that the highest revenue-generating online gaming nations are China (6.5 billion USD), Japan (6.2 billion USD) and the USA (6 billion USD). The most significant growth was recently recorded by India (+75%), Indonesia (+72%) and the Philippines (+63%). It is clear from these figures that Asia is the dominant market.

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