my paysafecard is now live in Germany

The my paysafecard payments account is now online in Germany. In order to be able to use my paysafecard, it is necessary to complete a one-time verification process by means of the Deutsche Post's Postident scheme. This is an extremely simple process which is free for every customer. paysafecard then verifies the details and releases the personal payments account. It is then ready to use.

Unbeatably fast and secure

Users can now enjoy all the advantages of the online payments account. Paying with my paysafecard is extremely simple and safe and requires only a username and password. Particularly when fast online transactions are required - such as in online gaming - my paysafecard is unbeatably fast and secure. However, larger payments of up to €1000 can also be completed in a single payment process. my paysafecard also helps users manage their credit by providing them with an overview of their balance and past transactions at a single glance.

In addition to acting as a payments account, my paysafecard also allows users to use up any remaining credit in an optimal fashion: In Germany it is now possible to combine up to three paysafecard PINs for a single payment. The maximum permitted amount for this is €30. Transactions over €30 continue to only be possible with individual PINs or the payments account my paysafecard.

Further information on joining and using my paysafecard is available at www.paysafecard.com/de-de/produkte/my-paysafecard/.

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