New paysafecard milestone: 500,000 sales outlets worldwide!

The starting gun fired as far back as 2000: With the simple idea of creating “cash for the in-ternet”, the cornerstone of our success story was laid. The goal: to become the worldwide market leader for prepaid online payments. The key factors to success: a secure and simple payment system coupled with global availability. Today it seems an obvious idea, but back then it was revolutionary. Since then, paysafecard has expanded beyond the borders of Eu-rope: From New Zealand to Portugal and from Estonia to Peru, millions of PINs are bought each day and remarkable sums processed. The latest milestone: With the addition of our most recent new partners we have surpassed the threshold of 500,000 sales outlets world-wide. And in doing so, our product paysafecard is now available at over half a million physical sales outlets in 21 currencies in 40 countries around the world. And that figure continues to grow!

Not without our partners …

Every user expects his or her payment method to always be available in as many places as possible. For this reason, a dense network of acquisition opportunities is the be-all and end-all for us. And that’s why paysafecard does everything it can to continue expanding its distri-bution network and to offer as many sales outlets as possible. A good relationship with our merchants is also very important. For each individual sales outlet and its staff are, to a certain extent, part of the worldwide paysafecard family: They know the product, they know its strengths and it is they who advise customers during purchasing decisions. These 500,000 outlets, where a person can quickly and simply get paysafecard for free, include petrol sta-tions, newsagents and supermarkets around the whole world.

… offline and online

In addition to physical sales outlets, there are naturally also those sales completed via auto-mats, text message and via the new online shop epin. There it is possible to instantly buy paysafecard PINs 24/7 without having to leave the house.

Our goal for 2015 was to reach 500,000 sales outlets and to use this milestone as the foun-dation for continued growth. We are now thrilled to have now finally achieved this. So, now let us turn our attention to the next goal!

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