Online Shopping 2015

Italians and Germans are in agreement: safety first!

Consumers love online shopping, and the younger they are, the more applicable this is. This is also reflected in the increasing revenues generated by online sales in Europe, which demonstrated growth of 18% from 2014 to 2015. In Germany and Italy, two important mar-kets for paysafecard, online sales showed around 20% growth last year. This is reason enough to take a closer look at these two core markets. A market research study commis-sioned by paysafecard looked at the shopping and payment habits of internet users, as well as their assessment of the associated security risks.

When asked about their shopping habits, almost half of the Germans asked, and a quarter of the Italians asked, stated that they shopped online up to ten times in the last twelve months. Only 2.1% of the population of Italy has never shopped online. In Germany, this is even lower at only 0.2%.

Security comes first!

Irrespective of the payment method used, the question of security is very important in both countries: A little more than half of the online shoppers asked (DE 52.6% and IT 58.2%) pay a lot of attention to security when paying and would like stricter laws to protect their privacy (DE 52.1% and IT 49.3%). In Italy, improved data security would have a highly positive effect on online shopping behav-iour. Around 65% stated that they shop online “frequently” or even “very frequently”. In Ger-many, this is only around 30%.

What the future will bring …

Italians are also considerably more open-minded when it comes to new payment innovations: Almost 54% can conceive paying with their mobile telephone in the future. In contrast, only 33% of Germans would use their smartphone as a digital wallet. Even though an increasing number of online shoppers also have smartphones and tablets, most online shopping is still completed using a laptop or PC.

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