paysafecard goes to Latin America – expansion to Peru and Uruguay

The paysafecard map keeps growing. This time it moves into Latin America. Following on from Mexico and Argentina, the prepaid payment method is now also available in Peru and Uruguay. With the move into Peru and Uruguay we have now added two burgeoning economies that exhibit the optimal conditions for prepaid online payments.


40% of Peru’s population of around 30 million use the internet. This is markedly above average for Latin America. Around 70% of Peruvians do not possess a bank account and are therefore reliant on prepaid solutions for paying online.
paysafecard is available in Peru, as in its existing markets, as a generally accessible prepaid payment method for a wide range of uses. At launch, more than 3500 sales outlets are already secured. Within a few months, this will grow to 10,000.


Uruguay may be significantly smaller than Peru, but it is a booming and forward-looking society. This is evident in its internet penetration rate of 71% – the highest in the whole of Latin America. Studies have also found that Uruguay enjoys the fastest internet connection speeds of Latin America, which even exceed those of the USA. 76% of the adult population does not have a bank account.
paysafecard will also be available here as a generally accessible prepaid payment method. At launch it will be available at around 5000 sales outlets.

With that in mind: Hasta pronto en Perú y Uruguay.

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