Record results for paysafecard - Looking back on 2013

Looking back on the previous year reveals a total turnover of 116.4 million, as well as 68 million payment transactions completed with paysafecard, and one billion potential customers around the world. These are impressive figures that have allowed the previous year’s growth course to seamlessly continue into 2013.

paysafecard achieved record results for the financial year of 2013. Total turnover increased by 13% on the previous year and payment transactions by 23%. 2012 saw 55 million payments completed with paysafecard, while a gratifying 68 million payments were completed with paysafecard in 2013.

A further highlight took the form of our expansion “Down Under”. Australia opens up a huge market with great potential for us. Likewise, paysafecard also launched in Bulgaria and Lithuania, and is now available at over 450,000 sales outlets in 37 countries around the world.

An incredibly significant step taken in 2013 was the launch of the online payment account my paysafecard in 22 countries. my paysafecard allows users to manage their PINs from a single account, thereby providing them with a complete overview. my paysafecard has also been available in Germany since the start of 2014.

2013 represents a successful year for us and reinforces to us that security and simplicity are crucial features for online payments and that they have continued to gain in significance.

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