That was the Long Night of Companies: A successful get-together with tomorrow's high potentials

As previously announced, the career event for talented professionals of tomorrow, the Long Night of Companies, took place on 17 March 2016. And of course who had to be a part of it? Our Paysafe Group. As one of the 32 top companies, paysafecard and payolution opened their gates to young students and graduates for an exclusive look at our company.

The event kicked off at 6 p.m. 65 visitors were taken by shuttle from the town hall directly to our company in the Euro Plaza where our team eagerly awaited their arrival.

1 hour, 2 areas, a full agenda

We had 60 minutes time to show our guests an authentic and exciting glimpse at how we work & live. The event was kicked off by both of our CEOs, Udo Müller (paysafecard) and Bernhard Linemayr (payolution), who welcomed everyone and briefly introduced the two sister companies. And of course, culinary delicacies were also available.

In order to provide some more information on the many different areas of work as well as on the individual team members, we then offered two sessions running parallel: Our coworkers from the areas of Sales & Marketing as well as IT/Product & Project Management & Operations invited our visitors to have a look behind the scenes in order to get to know a bit more about the areas of activity, the way we work and our creative minds. The departments gave a short yet impressive introduction and left some time for individual questions. Plenty of lively discussions took place and the 60 minutes were over in no time. Time simply flew by in such good company.

The evening was a great success for us and a wonderful opportunity for potential applicants to experience our company first-hand.

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