The first solution always remains the best solution

"Cash for the internet" has been available with paysafecard since the year 2000, which still often leads to incredulous amazement. Because no bills or coins are fed or scanned into the computer, it's all about generating cash with a 6-digit code (PIN), which is redeemed when entering a payment. With the British e-money licence, paysafecard is entitled to issue this method of payment. paysafecard is licensed by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority, a British financial supervisory authority) as a licensed payment service provider.

By purchasing the PIN, the consumer has already made use of one of the more than 500,000 paysafecard sales outlets around the world for exactly the amount that is stated on the PIN. paysafecard is therefore just as free to use as cash.

Such e-payment methods are extremely popular around the world and have caught up with the credit card and in some markets has even surpassed it, as shown by a study conducted by the price comparison portal idealo (www.idealo.de) in 2014.

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