The new paysafecard app - digital and smart

We have become used to our smartphones as indispensable companions. The applications we carry around with us speed up our everyday lives, making them more mobile and more efficient. The motto of the digital age is “always on”. So it is only to be expected that users are constantly placing new demands on mobile applications — placing great challenges on companies to offer customers functionality updates and new features at short notice. The new paysafecard app version 4.0 primarily improves user-friendliness and facilitates smoother access to practical features — making it easier, faster and even more mobile.

Paying mobile with scan2pay

A mobile society needs mobile payment solutions. The new scan2pay feature allows users of the my paysafecard online payments account to pay even more conveniently by simply scanning a QR code. The latest version not only confirms payments through the use of a personal security code, but also through electronic fingerprint scanning.

Flexible log-in technology

However, not only can payments now be confirmed with electronic fingerprint scanning, users are now also able to log in with fingerprint scanning. By enabling fingerprint logging-in, paysafecard combines maximum user convenience with maximum security. Also now available is the “remember me” feature, which speeds up accessing the app even more.

Mobile and smart — our app on the wrist

For the first time, the paysafecard app now also supports Android Wear-based wearables, thereby delivering numerous practical features directly to smartwatches: The convenient sales outlet finder is now also instantly available via smartwatches while on the go. This allows users to find the five nearest paysafecard sales outlets in seconds - and also supports voice commands. Built-in navigation is also available, displaying users the most direct route on their smartwatches. Users also now quickly and simply receive push notifications for completed transactions directly to their smartwatches.

The smartwatch boom is not passing the payments industry by, and paysafecard is using this trend to increase mobile access to the paysafecard app. Because by promoting regular usage in this way, it also increases opportunities for even stronger customer loyalty.

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