The paysafecard Decathlon – Moving for a good cause!

On 10 September 2014 paysafecard held the paysafecard Decathlon for paysafecard employees at the police sports club in the 22nd district of Vienna. In addition to the athletic component, it also had a social component. The paysafecard Decathlon was held under the motto “Moving for a good cause”.

10 exciting stations featuring a colourful mixture of fun, relaxation and team-building were waiting for the 150 employees who took part. However, the focus of the event was running, which was one of the 10 stations. Participants were given the task of running laps around the football field. For each lap, a donation was made to MuG (Association for Media Work and Generations), which paysafecard has been supporting since its launch in September 2013.

paysafecard staff ran a total of 1459 laps - the equivalent of 583.6 km. This resulted in a donation of €5836. The donation was presented to representatives of the association during the closing ceremony.

The Association for Media Work and Generations is committed to exploring and developing the integration potential and creative opportunities available from, with and through new media. The association’s objective is to create an open social space in which different generations can meet.

Further information on MuG is available here.

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