This is what Europe's consumers expect when paying online

paysafecard interviewed 3,500 internet users late 2015 in seven European countries on their buying and paying habits. There were various exciting results spanning Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, France and Poland.

Austria's men, with monthly spendings amounting to about €242 online are the most generous. The overall average of all countries included in the survey was €174 for men and €109 for women. The Swiss, who spend a monthly amount of €329 are the most free-spending. Austria comes in second with an average of €205, followed by Germany with €155, Italy with €138 and France with €120.

What do users in Europe look out for? Quite simply: data security. 87% of those who took part in the survey responded that data protection was "very important" to them. Frontrunners here are Austrian users (92% agree), France and Spain (both 89%). Austrian women achieved the absolute highest value among all groups with 95%. Good news: None of the participating countries were below 84% when asked how important data protection was.

Security awareness apparently also seems to be a matter of age. Among the 20-29 year-olds, 82% regarded data security as very important, whereas the result of the 60+ group rose to nearly 90%.

What else do European users expect from their online buying experience?

  • "Paying must be free", say 75% of all Spanish participants – whereas only 58% of the Swiss attach any value to this.
  • "Paying must be quick" is what 67% of the Polish participants deemed as "very important" – whereas Swiss users found this less important (only 41% rated this as "very important").
  • "Cost control online is very important" is what 66% of the Austrians think, very much unlike the Italians, of which only 42% merit the same degree of priority.

The paysafecard infographic shows an overview of all the results.

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