Three questions for Sabine Welt, Public Relations & Communication Specialist

paysafecard is an international, rapidly growing company with numerous exciting areas of responsibil-ity, such as sales, marketing, human resources, IT, legal, compliance and communications. By putting 3 questions to employees from different areas of the company, we provide exciting glimpses into the diverse working life of paysafecard.

Communications & PR Department

At paysafecard the highly-specialised communications team is responsible for the ongoing development, implementation and realisation of a forward-looking communications strategy tailored to its target groups. Its emphasis is on optimising and managing the company’s presence via all communication channels – both internally and externally. These include dis-ciplines such as public relations, product PR, image building, media relations, social media and company news. The communications experts ultimately have the task of making an es-sential contribution to the achievement of corporate goals through strategic communications.

paysafecard company communications wouldn’t run as smoothly without Sabine Welt, Public Relations & Communication Specialist. We asked her three questions about her daily busi-ness at paysafecard:

What would be a typical day in the paysafecard PR & Communications Depart-ment?

Typical is that there are no typical days. Each day brings new surprises for me and my team. There is no such thing as simply going through a to-do list in my job. Often the telephone rings and you already know that a new challenge is on the other end. It can be a media request which needs a prompt answer or important company news that needs to be communicated to all employees. Depending on the information and target group, the story is prepared accordingly and distributed through the suitable communications channels — internally or externally, online or offline.

What has been your greatest challenge at paysafecard to date?

I began my career in the B2B Marketing Department at paysafecard and switched over to the PR & Communications Department about a year ago. Although I already knew the company well, a few new challenges were waiting for me in my new role. The challenge of PR work is as great as it is diverse. One works with a wide variety of topics, people, tools and communi-cations channels on a daily basis. After my switchover to the PR world, I experienced a brief “information overload”. One handles many projects at the same time and must constantly be up to date. Two highly exciting projects are the implementation of new internal communica-tions tools, naturally state-of-the-art, and publishing our own employee magazine. This this means creating a concept, editorial work, finding topics, defining the look & feel and guiding the whole process. This requires a lot of brainpower and coordination work, often with fast turnaround times. In addition, one also receives direct and very honest feedback on the end product from those very colleagues who one wants to provide an accomplished issue to. This naturally increases the pressure.

Which skills should colleagues bring with them for your job?

Flexibility and endurance for sure; a project that had the highest priority yesterday can be “replaced” by a new and even more urgent project tomorrow, such as a pressing media request. Because one deals with a wide variety of people each day and because working together plays a significant role, an open and amiable attitude is particularly important. One should like talking to people, be interested in the company, but also in the industry environment too. Because many projects are often running at the same time, a resistance to stress and the ability to maintain an overview are two decisive qualities for a job in the Communications Department.

What typifies paysafecard for me is ...

... a dynamic and, at the same time, enjoyable working environment with nice, dedicated people and exciting topics. We work hard together for our successes and celebrate them too.

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