Usability – an important issue when it comes to means of payment

Fast, easy-to-use, secure: These are the three main requirements for payment transactions – simply because only an easy-to-use and secure solution provides value to the user. It is therefore hardly surprising that the theme of this year's World Usability Day, for instance, was "Usability of Financial Systems".

A study conducted in 2011 on behalf of paysafecard shows: Usability is, along with security and speed, a key factor when it comes to choosing a payment method. The study also reveals that paysafecard delivers all of these key factors. According to the participants, the most important advantages of paysafecard are that it is “secure", "fast" and "straightforward". Other reasons for using paysafecard are that no personal bank details must be provided, and that it gives users control over their costs as the credit on the prepaid voucher must be purchased in advance. paysafecard is used primarily in the sectors of social media, community and dating, Internet and telephony services, and online games.

The results of the latest “e-Payment Barometer” survey from October 2012 also show how important it is to offer the right payment method. The available payment options are – after price and immediate availability – the most important criterion for consumers when they decide whether they want to make an online purchase – or not. Especially large retailers are planning to increase the use of instant transfers and invoices – and the option to pay with prepaid cards will also increase.


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