Wallie becomes paysafecard

On 16 August, paysafecard.com Wertkarten AG (holding of the paysafecard group) took over 100 percent of the shares in payment solution provider Wallie Holding International Services B.V. (Wallie).

Wallie's prepaid card of the same name is currently available in eleven countries both within and without Europe. As with paysafecard, Wallie can be used to make online payments by entering the PIN printed on a voucher. Webshops that accept Wallie are exclusively in the online gaming industry.

The coming weeks will see Wallie customers slowly brought over to paysafecard, because paysafecard gives them both a greater network of sales outlets and a larger selection of webshops.

Wallie will be available in Germany, Norway, Latvia, Mexico, Great Britain and the USA until 15 October 2011. In Belgium and the Netherlands it will remain available until 15 November 2011. Wallie vouchers bought before these dates will, of course, remain valid after Wallie is no longer on sale.

The takeover of Wallie is the first in the history of the paysafecard group. paysafecard has continually grown over the last ten years and is today active in 28 countries with a series of prepaid products.

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