We are opening our gates: paysafecard & payolution on the Long Night of Companies

On the evening of 17 March 2016, the stars will once again align to spell “career boost” as the Long Night of Companies marks the starting round of a very special event. 32 big name companies will open their doors to students, graduates and other interested night owls, giving them the opportunity to see what the companies have to offer as employers. Visitors can register free in advance via the event website for the chance to get to know their employers of choice better. The company tours will offer a rare glimpse into the different industries, fields and company cultures.

All aboard, please!

The spectacle will begin in the afternoon. The wonderfully atmospheric ceremonial hall of Vienna city hall will play host to the opening and checking in, and will be followed by a panel discussion before setting off to the companies. Shuttle buses will transport the visitors along “lines”, each travelling to two possible employers of choice, and providing comfortable and convenient transfer. Line 13 will lead directly to us before going on to the future headquarters of the Bank of Austria.

Paysafe station – you have reached your destination.

We naturally wouldn’t miss out on the chance to present ourselves to potential visitors directly at our company headquarters. Two Paysafe Group plc subsidiaries, paysafecard and payolution, will be supplying a glimpse behind the scenes of the FinTech world in one night. What joins us? A common location, expertise and experience in the payment industry, a culture of innovation, and an international, motivated team.

Participants will spend a whole hour on our premises at Euro Plaza, and will have the chance for an exclusive glimpse into our life and work. The focus will be on interacting and talking to our colleagues from a wide range of departments, providing an overview and the opportunity to hear from first-hand experiences.

We look forward to an exciting evening.

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