"We like": 500,000 Facebook fans for paysafecard

At 12.30 on 3 August 2013, it happened: The paysafecard Facebook community was joined by its 500,000th member, thereby marking the most recent high point in a breath-taking success story.

But first things first: paysafecard has been on Facebook with its own page since 17 December 2010, which is precisely two years and 8 months (around 970 days). This means that there has been a massive daily plus of more than 500 new fans. This is a fantastic result, which is not least because of the proactive social media strategy. In addition to the latest news, appealing competitions and exciting contests, paysafecard uses its Facebook page to offer a glimpse behind the scenes, as well as regularly asking its users' opinions. A constant dialogue with professed paysafecard fans is therefore the focal point of the Facebook presence.

The average paysafecard Facebook fan is male and aged between 18 and 24.

Male users dominate the paysafecard Facebook community with a share of almost 70%. With a 30% share, female fans are, in contrast, not so strongly represented. The major part of the community is between 18 and 24 years old.

paysafecard is an international company and operates in 33 countries worldwide. This is, of course, also visible in its Facebook presence: Our activities on the world's biggest social network stretch across all countries and are posted in 6 languages. There are some interesting differences regarding user behaviour between the individual countries: For example, Germany currently has the most active community. In second place are the fans from Greece, behind them those from Romania, Mexico, Poland and Portugal.

paysafecard is very pleased with this success and all the fantastic contributions made by the avowed paysafecard Facebook community. Here's to the next 500,000 fans!

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