World Environment Day (5/6) – a matter for the whole year round

Of the many World ... Day(s) which exist, World Environment Day on 5 June is certainly among the more meaningful. However, such a matter is about more than a single day; it is about an entire lifetime, particularly as a company. paysafecard is global, as shown through more than 500,000 sales outlets in 43 countries. This means many business trips, which are not always environmentally friendly. That’s why we offset unavoidable emissions with climate protection projects. Our partner in this is the globally recognised charity foundation my climate.

my climate implements climate protection projects that really make a difference. Emissions created in one location in the air are offset worldwide through carefully planned, effective reduction measures. This allows us to be able to precisely track how much global greenhouse gases are reduced in total, even as we continue to use unavoidable air travel (while making every effort to only travel when necessary, and to only use air travel when no alternative is possible).

Incidentally, many airlines allow passengers to make donations to similar offsetting schemes, usually during the booking process. More information on the scheme is available at www.myclimate.org.

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