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About enigmaX

Published on 30.05.2016

A riddle wrapped in millions of Orbiquads and solved by hundreds of thousands of customers. In conversation with Heike Lamprecht, Senior Project Manager, about the secret, objectives and the approach to the recently ended enigmaX games campaign.

Hello Heike, as Senior Project Manager, you are the person here in-house responsible for the campaign. Can you briefly explain what the enigmaX campaign was about?

Offering existing and new customers something cool and different, as well as allowing the target group to find out more about paysafecard over 6 weeks by winning PINs and using them, and in doing so, seeing how easy paysafecard is.

How often are there campaigns such as this?

There are two major games campaigns a year, and larger and smaller promotions at bi-monthly intervals.

How does a campaign idea become a major campaign such as enigmaX and what happens between having the idea and going live?

The first step is considering what could be fun for our customers and potentially new customers. The team deliberates on what hasn’t been done yet and what’s generally new. After brainstorming the creative idea, a small group works in-house with WebDevelopment and IT to find a way to implement it. Taking our strict privacy policy, legal requirements etc. into account, we evaluate what is actually realisable. Once the rough concept is there, our agency and the whole internal project team is involved and the implementation planned in detail. This is followed by internal budget and cost approvals, partner negotiations and then, with the project kick-off, it’s into the thick of the action. This means development, design, copy and, and, and ...

When talking about coming up with an idea, you spoke of “what hasn’t been done yet and what’s generally new”. What was special about enigmaX?

I personally found it exciting because it was the first campaign I have accompanied from the start at paysafecard. In its look and feel, enigmaX was completely different to previous games campaigns. Even the completion mechanic was new in design: allowing users around the world to work together to solve the mystery of enigmaX. It was the first campaign to run on 5 continents, with the entire community acting in concert.

Giving away some secrets, what were the objectives behind enigmaX?

The most pertinent were raising awareness and interest with potential new customers and winning newsletter leads for the future promotion of our products and campaigns. Consequently, the goal was and is building loyalty to paysafecard and then, in the next step, to other products in our portfolio, such as my paysafecard or paysafecard MasterCard® card.

How is campaign awareness generated? What communication mix is in play?

Naturally, we use our internal channels, such as our website and newsletter, as well as social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Externally, we work with media partners who push our campaigns out across over 40 countries. Also important is partner communication, meaning online platforms at which paysafecard is accepted, and who can include us and our campaign in their customer communication. For this campaign, this included Sony PlayStation, Spotify, Wargaming and ESL.

How did the campaign start and end?

The campaign ran exceptionally well in terms of achieving its objectives right from the start. It has allowed us to generate interesting findings in our new countries, such as mobile use for the campaign in the MENA region. We are globally active and each market has its own characteristics.

Your summary of the campaign?

I am very proud of paysafecard having the courage to run a campaign such as this: with a grand prize that doesn’t go to the players, but to a charity, was something completely new for us. And I very much like the approach that the community playing the game is able to change the world a little.

Note: The winner of enigmaX was able to choose between 3 charities to receive a donation of 10,000 EUR. The emergency fund of Doctors Without Borders was chosen.


Heike Lamprecht is Senior Project Manager in the Marketing team and has been with paysafecard since June 2015.

Pictured: interviewee Heike Lamprecht (front right in black) with the project team, consisting of Content Management, Design, E-Mail Marketing, Marketing Analysis, Online Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Text and WebDevelopment (in alphabetical order).