paysafecard is fully available for you!

Living our lives online, we are used to finding the normal in chaos. We want you – our customers – to know that we stand with you in finding a path through the challenges of Covid-19.

We want you to know paysafecard is fully available for you: we will continue to help you immerse yourself in your passions in a safe and secure way, even whilst we are isolated as individuals and families. These troubling times have the potential to disrupt our lives and we want to fight back by providing a seamless service whilst you are on lockdown, whilst protecting the whole paysafecard network of employees, distributors and customers.

From 16 March 2020, our company is working remotely but at full speed to ensure paysafecard is available wherever they are needed to provide you and your loved ones with access to your favourite games, websites and app stores during this lockdown.

How can I get a paysafecard PIN?
If you are on the go, making important purchases, our network of sales outlets is available to you. Please find out about possible closures, take all sensible precautions and follow the advice of your government, if you leave your home.

Finally, our customer service team remains active and awaiting your calls and emails with any problems you have.

Stay safe and healthy,
your paysafecard team