These scams have already been reported and are known to the authorities. Please take note of them to help increase your own security.

BKA/GEMA computer virus - demands the payment of a "fine" by paysafecard.

The BKA/GEMA computer virus demands the users of affected computers pay a "fine" and threatens to erase their hard drives. If your computer is affected, a pop-window window opens requesting you to pay a recovery fee or penalty charge. One of the payment methods is with paysafecard PINs. Remember: paysafecard is not accepted by the BKA, law firms, GEMA or the courts as a method of payment. For this reason, never comply with such requests and never pay such "fines"! More detailed information about the BKA/GEMA virus and news about malicious software and cyber crime is available at:

Windows Update trojan - demands the installation of a cost-bearing Windows license.

If your computer is affected, a pop-up "Windows Update" window opens, threatening you with the loss of your data. You are requested to buy a Windows license. It is claimed that this will prevent your data from becoming lost. You will also be asked to pay for this update using a paysafecard PIN. Never comply with such a request and never pay the demanded amount. This is a scam!

Further information on trojans is available at:

Criminals try to scam you on the telephone (e.g. debt write-offs, prize winnings and the like).

Telephone fraud regularly appears in a wide variety of forms:

Often callers impersonate a member of staff at a law firm, informing you that you are the recipient of a large amount of money. However, they also request fees totalling hundreds of euros for the provision and delivery of legal papers. These fees should be paid using paysafecard PINs. Do not comply with such demands: These are scams!

Another scam involves the caller impersonating an employee of a consumer protection group, promising to help you have old debts reduced to up to 300 euros. This amount should be paid using paysafecard PINs. This is also a scam!

For this reason, please always exercise caution on the phone and never pass on your paysafecard PINs to someone else! More tips on helping prevent fraud are available here.

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