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Does paying with and using my paysafecard entail any charges or fees?

Using my paysafecard is free. The following paysafecard fees continue to apply based on the paysafecard T&Cs:

  • Redemption fee: A refund, as described under the general terms and conditions, entails a fee of 7.50 AUD. This is deducted from the refunded amount. This fee applies to each refund.
  • Maintenance fee: For paysafecard PINs there is a service charge of 4 AUD a month, which comes into effect 12 months after purchase. This is deducted from the balance of the paysafecard PIN.
  • Transaction fee: The transaction fee is a customer fee which can be charged by individual pre-defined retailers and which must be declared.
  • Conversion fee: paysafecard charges a fee of the transaction amount for transactions involving a conversion into a foreign currency. The paysafecard currency converter lets you instantly see the current exchange rate. Simply enter the amount and the currency to convert them.