An introduction to prepaid debit cards

Debit and credit cards have revolutionized the way we pay for goods and services. In fact, since the advent of eCommerce and Internet shopping, cashless payment systems have become more important than ever. Put simply, debit and credit cards provide a quick and secure way to pay for things without the need for cash. In addition to these, a prepaid debit card is one of the many payment options available to you.

Prepaid debit cards made simple

Prepaid debit cards are simple to use and help you stay in control of your budget. Unlike standard credit cards and debit cards, you must first load your prepaid card in order to make a payment. This ensures you only ever spend what you need and it also provides additional security, as you don’t need to reveal your bank account or credit card data.

A prepaid debit card from paysafecard is available in more than +650,000 sales outlets worldwide; including convenience stores and gas stations. You simply buy a paysafecard voucher and are then able to pay at thousands of online shops by simply selecting the paysafecard option upon checkout and entering the 16-digit PIN.

Finding an outlet from which to buy your prepaid debit card couldn’t be easier. Just enter your address, postcode or town into the search box on the paysafecard website and available outlets in your vicinity will be listed. Once you are ready to purchase, simply head down to your chosen vendor and choose between face values of 10, 25, 50, or 100 USD—or combine multiple paysafecard PINs in order to pay for larger purchases.

Direct payments with paysafecard are accepted in many online stores. With your prepaid debit card you can purchase online games; VoIP, telephony and messaging services; internet services such as online cloud storage; and also book travel services through online travel agencies. However you decide to use paysafecard’s prepaid debit, you can be sure your payment is secure and your details are kept safe.

How does a paysafecard debit card differ from a credit card?

A prepaid debit card differs from a standard credit card in a number of key ways. Firstly, no existing bank or credit card account is required to use paysafecard, meaning you can simply buy your prepaid debit card from any of our participating outlets. This also means you can keep your spending under control and never accidentally spend more money than you actually have—a possible problem with standard debit and credit cards.

Additionally, payments with paysafecard are made with the simple PIN code provided —meaning no personal details are needed. To help you keep track of what you have spent, you can easily check the balance of your paysafecard at any time on the paysafecard website.

Advantages of a paysafecard debit card

Speed, security, and versatility—prepaid debit cards are the perfect way to pay for goods and services online whilst ensuring your money is always safe. No need to worry about accumulating debt, you simply pay for the amount you need as if you were paying in cash. You will also find that paysafecard debit cards are accepted in a vast number of online services all over the world.

The paysafecard smartphone app is also extremely advantageous when it comes to finding sales outlets using GPS positioning or by location. In addition to this, the app allows you to check your balance and view your transaction history so you always know what you have spent and how much money you have remaining. Finally, with support for smartwatches and regularly updated promotions and coupons, the paysafecard debit card app is the perfect companion to your online experience.

Always on the safe side

paysafecard stands for total security. Find useful information here on paying safely online and protecting yourself against scams.