Which Overwatch character matches which gamer?

Welcher Overwatch-Charakter passt zu welchem Gamer?
Games 14.08.2017

The offence class on Overwatch  recently expanded. The powerful abilities of Doomfist, however, caused a heated discussion soon after he appeared. In forums, players argued about whether or not Doomfist was too strong, which could result in an unfair advantage in this popular multiplayer ego shooter . However, Doomfist is always a good recommendation for those who want to deal out some steady hits. We've also taken a moment to check out which other Overwatch characters best match up to which gamer personalities.

Hero choice should be considered carefully

Simply put, Overwatch characters are categorised into four classes, each of which indicates their main role in the team:

  • The offence class is the first to strike out, tries to inflict as much damage as possible, and weakens the enemy.
  • Defence heroes provide rear cover from a distance, and are able to use their strong abilities to defend their allies.
  • In terms of defence, the tanks can also provide strong support – they are very powerful and have a lot to offer. They are also able to protect the allies with a variety of shields.
  • Every team should also include the fourth class, support. As a general rule, everyone will at some point need some renewed energy or some extra power.

Because of this, some players gravitate towards one particular class according to their preferences. But it's worth taking a look at the other classes and the character descriptions of other heroes. That's because the heroes possess some abilities unknown to many players.

Reaper: The deadly shadow

Would-be assassins don't come near Reaper. Those who enjoy skulking in dark corners and setting off surprise attacks from behind would be well-advised to try the Reaper. He possesses the ability to quickly transform into a shadow so as to avoid attacks, and can therefore put himself into a favourable position completely unscathed. Another enormous advantage is his ability to teleport to a different location. Once he's in a good position, Reaper attacks with his two shotguns, with which he can inflict considerable damage.

Junkrat: Destroy, destroy, destroy

For those who would prefer to explore their wild side, the defensive hero Junkrat will deliver guaranteed fun. The outlandish fire devil with a penchant for explosive weapons possesses both an impressive arsenal of guns and a fittingly freakish style. His shells ricochet around the field like bouncy balls until they hit an opponent, and are therefore very effective – but not nearly as impressive as his ultimate ability. This would be Junkrat's tire bomb – not only can it be controlled remotely, it can also climb walls. Hat sie eine ideale Position erreicht, sprengt sie auf Knopfdruck alle Gegner im näheren Umkreis in die Luft. Mit Junkrat ist viel Spielspaß garantiert.

Hanzo: Der Meisterbogenschütze

Gamer, die den Bogen als die einzig wahre Waffe ansehen, greifen zu Hanzo. Der schicke Schütze mit dem Goatee unterstützt sein Team als defensiver Charakter aus der Ferne. Hanzo hat verschiedene Pfeile im Köcher: Die klassischen Pfeile richten ordentlich Schaden an, zudem kann Hanzo Gegner mit einem Sonarpfeil markieren, um sie später besser finden zu können. Another practical option is the scattering arrow, which ricochets off walls and objects before splitting into several parts which can then injure several opponents at once. It's clear that Hanzo masters his fighting tool to perfection!

Mercy: A true guardian angel

Mercy is designed for the task at hand and, thanks to her wings, she is immediately identifiable as a guardian angel for the troops. If you don't want to join the fray, but would instead prefer to watch the backs of your comrades, then Mercy is the choice for you. She not only heals damage dealt to the allies, but also delivers increased attack power. In emergencies, Mercy flies in to be at a hero's side – and in most cases will arrive on site in time to prevent a character's demise. Should an absolute crisis arise, she can use her ultimate ability, with which she is able to resurrect fallen heroes in the immediate vicinity.

Reinhardt: The great protector

Reinhardt, the metal knight, allows anyone to take advantage of their full protective instinct. He is tall, wears powerful armour, and carries a gigantic hammer: What more could you want? This giant tank is a huge help in the heat of battle. This is true both because of his shield – which protects not only him but also his allies – and because of his ability to charge the enemy lines, easily destroying enemy opponents and with any luck crushing them against the next wall. Alternatively, he can also use his rocket hammer to smash through enemy defences, thereby clearing the way for his team-mates.