Red Dead Redemption 2: 9 things you need to know

Red Dead Redemption 2: 9 Dinge, die man wissen muss
Games 19.10.2018

Gamer Christmas is coming almost two months early this year. After two years of waiting and a few delays, it has finally arrived: Red Dead Redemption 2 from Rockstar Games is out on 26 October for the PS4 and Xbox One. Here are 9 things you need to know about the game before jumping into the Wild West saddle. 

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Prequel instead of sequel

Played Red Dead Redemption? Undoubtedly. If not, we won't spoil it here. Anyone who hoped for a continuation of the story from the first part will be disappointed. Red Dead Redemption 2 is set in 1899 and is thereby unfolding before the (shocking) events of its predecessor, which is set in 1911.

The technical term for this is a prequel. Even though the "2" in the title suggests a sequel. Rockstar Games are the rock stars of video game developers - and rock stars don't care about the rules. Just like the cowboys that feature in the new game.

Old gang, new hero

Which cowboys exactly? The Van der Linde gang. More precisely, Arthur Morgan. He is a member of the gang, which is notorious for its ambushes. However, the golden days of the gang seem to be past. Constantly increasing internal and external pressures are threatening to tear it apart.

Hang on, THE Van der Linde gang? In which John Marston, the protagonist of the first part, was a member? Yes, exactly. Connoisseurs know that the organisation had already been dissolved at the time of the first Red Dead Redemption. Now we finally discover how the quarrel between the members arose. And we may see Marston again. 

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The Wild West is dying

With the leap into the past, one sees not only the reasons for the decline of the gang but also an America in flux. New technologies, stricter laws and the modern world are displacing the Wild West. In particular for hardened gang members like Arthur Morgan, the world at the turn of the century is confusing and full of pitfalls. The time of the bandits is coming to an end. 

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Open World

This transformation of society is also seen in the gigantic Open World. This has dense forests with dangerous bears and wolves, parched deserts, cattle ranches, modern cities, high mountains, idyllic lakes and more. The gang has no time for sightseeing, as they are being hunted for all their crimes by the law and rival bandits. As a result, they often have to hastily pack up, set up camp and hide. Arthur Morgan and the other members here can hunt game, tell each other stories or play poker

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Consequences everywhere

As one would expect from Rockstar Games, Open World is gigantic and full of events and it reacts dynamically according to the style of play. Anyone who wants to shoot their way through the Wild West can do exactly that. However, one is likely to be hunted across the country and attacked in every corner. Conflicts can be approached peacefully or bloodily. Are there witnesses to a robbery? Would it be better to kill them at once, and perhaps unleash the anger of family relatives - or better to let them go and risk that they head straight for the nearest sheriff? All of this is possible. Decisions should therefore be carefully considered.

Dead Eye 2.0

Whether one is robbing a bank, a shop or even a train, the extended Dead Eye system is always available. The body parts of the opponent can be displayed and accurately fired at in slow motion. In this way, whole groups of opponents can, up to a point, be put out of action.

First person perspective

Explore the world on horseback, discover the great rivers by boat, enjoy shows in the theatre, take a bath and dress in new clothes, play poker in saloons, plan the next big robbery, hunt game, plunder coaches and much more. In Red Dead Redemption 2, there is a great deal to do and to experience. Optionally, this can be done from the first person perspective, for a totally immersive experience in the Wild West. 

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Online later

What are the prospects for online play? That will come a bit later. In November, there will be a beta test for all owners of the game. Rockstar Games promises a new online experience, interweaving the story with competitive and cooperative actions. GTA Online did it before. But we shall see in November exactly what Red Dead Online can offer.

PS4 advantages

The PS4 version already contains certain contents 30 days before the Xbox One version. What is already known is a new outfit for Arthur Morgan, a horse with a suitable saddle and a pistol with a cool design. Rockstar Games has not yet published what other additional contents will be in store.

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