How to lock access to my paysafecard in an emergency

You can lock your my paysafecard access by carefully completing the relevant form on this page:

  1. Enter your e-mail address, first and surname, customer number and username in the relevant fields.
  2. Please describe as precisely as possible what has happened in the "Message" field.
  3. Send the message to the paysafecard service team. If you wish to reactivate access to my paysafecard at a later time, you can contact us around the clock by e-mail at Alternatively, you can reach us by phone under 1800-178486.

General security tips for your my paysafecard access

The security of your my paysafecard area has the utmost priority. So please ensure that your my paysafecard log-in details remain secret. You should also ensure that only you have access to your email, as your e-mail address can be used to reset your password or to communicate about your my paysafecard access.

Regardless of whether you use a public computer, your own computer or your smartphone, you should always ensure that your my paysafecard login details are not stored in your browser, cached or are recorded in some other form.

Should you notice any suspicious activity or transactions in my paysafecard, please change your password immediately and notify the paysafecard service team!

Do you have any questions?

Are you looking for more information or do you have questions about using paysafecard? Our customer service team is happy to help you.