Top up your Goodgame Empire balance simply with paysafecard

Since 2011, players have been able to be the emperors of their own kingdoms in the browser-based online strategy game Goodgame Empire. In this role they must strategically plan the expansion of their empire, as well as collect resources and train armies.

Goodgame Empire is a browser game from German game developer Goodgame Studios. It is set in the Middle Ages and gives players free rein to decide how they wish to achieve the goal of continually expanding their empire. They can concentrate on trade and create an economic powerhouse or follow the path of tyrant and wield the power of a mighty army. However, every player starts with a tiny village. Amassing power requires building many new buildings and annexing more land. Players who don’t wish to play alone can also join forces with other others from Goodgame Empire’s huge community. Alliances can be forged and goods traded. Players can also militarily attack other kingdoms together and defend an attack as an alliance.

Free-to-play with the option for purchases

The game is free to play for all. However, it is also possible to progress quicker in the game by spending real money. The currencies used in Goodgame Empire are gold and rubies. Gold coins are amassed by taxing your citizens. Rubies are received for logging in each day, as well as for completing certain quests or in exchange for real money. Rubies are a very useful currency because they allow you to speed up building constructions and purchase resource packages. They are also used for constructing certain premium buildings.

Amassing as much power as possible requires the clever investment of your rubies and treating them with care. In addition to receiving rubies for free, it is also possible to purchase them from the store. There are several ruby packages available, starting at 0.99 EUR and increasing in 10 EUR amounts from 5 EUR up. paysafecard is available as a safe, simple and fast way to pay for players wishing to buy any Goodgame Empire package.

Topping up your Goodgame Empire balance with paysafecard

  • Ruby packages are purchased directly from the game. An overview of the player’s gold and rubies is displayed in the upper-left corner of the game. To the right of the rubies total is a ruby icon with a small plus. Click this to see the selection on packages available.
  • Click the package you want to be taken to the choice of payment methods available. Select paysafecard and simply enter the 16-digit PIN of your purchased paysafecard.
  • With the PIN entered correctly, the amount is deducted from its balance and topped up to your Goodgame Empire balance. Your purchased rubies will be shortly available for you to use in the game.