Halloween 2018: these 6 games should be horror films

Halloween 2018: Diese 6 Games sollten Horrorfilme sein
Games 23.10.2018

Trick or treat! The US "Trick or Treat" tradition has not quite made it over here yet, but one can still have a great Halloween celebration. Whether in disguise (or cosplay) at a party or cosily at home with spooky games and films.

So we might well consider which horror games are so scary, so exciting, so shocking and so terrifying that they ought to be made into horror films. The answer is here. The top 6 horror games which belong in the cinema!

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Silent Hill 2

Hang on, Silent Hill? That already exists as horror movies! Yes, that's right. There are already two Silent Hill films (although the second should be quietly ignored). However, when one asks gamers which part of the horror series should make it to the big screen, the answer is: Silent Hill 2.

The second part tells the story of a man who receives a letter from his wife. She is waiting for him in the sleepy town of Silent Hill. The twist: his wife has been dead for several years. In Silent Hill, the hero soon realises that the town wants to test him. He must pay for his past and must pass through a literal hell with all manner of terrifying areas in order to be able to leave Silent Hill again alive.

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A restaurant with entertainers in animal costumes, so-called animatronics. Fun for the whole family. What can be scary about that? Many things. A great many things.

Five Nights At Freddy’s, otherwise known as FNAF, came out in 2014 on the PC and has since developed into a viral hit. The central focus is on the animatronics, which are there to entertain children in pizzerias. After a few unfortunate incidents in the past with children who disappeared, these were supposed to have been switched off. In reality…

The complete story of FNAF with all its twists and secrets is probably too complicated for a film, but the idea itself is ripe for a movie. In 2021, an FNAF film is in fact due to appear. It's something to look forward to, and one can already be scared of Freddy and his friends.

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Resident Evil 7

Are the rules being broken again here? Yes, but for a good reason. The Resident Evil films do take a few elements from the video games and use them to create entertaining films. However, there has never been a direct conversion. And in this particular case, we are not talking about any old Resident Evil game, but about the current Part 7.

Resident Evil 7 was published in 2017 for PC/Steam, PS4 and Xbox One. While Parts 5 and 6 were action games, Part 7 returned to the roots of the series and delivered a gruesome horror game from the first person perspective.

In the American South, the protagonist needs to liberate his girlfriend from the clutches of a mysterious family which appears to be possessed by demons. A gigantic house, puzzles, shocking moments and breathtaking graphics combine to make it the scariest Resident Evil for years! Perfect for the cinema.

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Blair Witch Project and REC have one thing in common: found footage. That is the name of the genre in which the film is made with an ordinary camera. This intimate form of production is particularly terrifying for viewers. No wonder, then, that these two films are considered to be classics.

Outlast uses the same technique but is a game. As a journalist, one has to expose the machinations of a madhouse, where illegal experiments are supposedly being carried out on patients. The camera is always present, giving the gameplay a particularly sinister touch.

The game is not for those with weak nerves and just for that reason it would be perfect for the big cinema screen.

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Until Dawn

A group of teenagers, an abandoned hut in the mountains and a serial killer. Until Dawn for the PS4 has everything that a good slasher movie needs. And even as a game, which uses real actors, it comes across as ready for a film.

What is special about Until Dawn is that decisions change the story. So if one always makes the right decisions, all the teenagers will survive in the end (but is that what one really wants?). In the cinema, one could no longer make that decision, but could nonetheless have a wonderfully scary experience.

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P.T. is not really a proper game. This "playable teaser" for a new Silent Hill, created by Hideo Kojima, known for Metal Gear Solid, is playable marketing for a new game. Or rather, it was. This game will sadly never appear and P.T. can no longer be downloaded.

Nevertheless, P.T. is considered one of the scariest games of recent years. Constantly walking along a corridor, one learns more of the dreadful circumstances and the bleak gaming world. This is about murder, manipulation of thoughts by radio waves and of course the obligatory moments of terror.

Even if there is not going to be a P.T. game, this interesting idea definitely ought to make it to the cinema!

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