The top games from gamescom 2016

Games 31.08.2016

This year's gamescom was bursting at the seams with exciting games. That's why we wanted to bring your attention to some additional games, which have gone beyond simply capturing our attention. Aside from the big hits (Resident Evil 7, FIFA '17 , etc.) which we already covered in our earlier brief recap, there were further highlights which excited many of the hardcore fans of each genre.

Civilization 6 - Relive the history of mankind

Some players dismiss the turn-based game Civilization out of hand, while others consider it among the most important video games of all time. Ever since the sixth edition was announced, many fans have wondered whether such a captivating but simple game could still bring the element of surprise. We already sent off the fifth edition, with all its add-ons, into space to colonise other planets and take part in intergalactic warfare. How could this possibly top that?

The brilliant developers at Firaxis provided us with the answer at gamescom 2016. The new game offers completely new possibilities for micromanagement, rather than just hijacking a possible infinite universe in a macro sense. Each city can now be individually developed, thereby interrupting the existing routine of any predecessors. This new game concept involves players selecting their own city districts in order to encourage them to reach new and unique decisions with each turn. In addition, the developers have taken a different direction in terms of graphics. The look of the game no longer takes itself so seriously, but at the same time the soft cell shading also makes it far more fun develop one's own cities and study them in depth. We can barely contain ourselves for the release of this new concept with its new graphics. 25 years after the first edition of Civilization was released, we yet again get a chance to shape human history according to our will.

Elex - The new hit from Piranha Bytes?

Many players will simply scratch their heads when German game developer Piranha Bytes is mentioned. Others worship the studio like gods, and for them it is simply a matter of faith that the first two Gothic releases, despite being separated by 15 years, count among the best RPGs of all time. The active modder scene, which even took it upon itself to program an online version of Gothic 1 , is itself proof of the fan-cult surrounding the Penal Colony.

So with many successes under its belt, but sadly also many failures (mainly due to disputes with the publishers), fans from around the world are keeping an eye on their new release, Elex. We got to chance to see a live demonstration at gamescom.

This new RPG is no longer set in the middle ages, nor on a magical island, but instead in a futuristic world edging closer and closer toward the apocalypse. The highly-praised melee and range weapons from Gothic seem to have returned, but the undying love for the old titles was mainly due to the memorable characters. Whether or not Elex can win us over in the same way will only be known once we've had a chance to see it further down the line.

Dropzone - The new MOBA

Once a player has found their MOBA, it will be tough to convince them to try anything different. However, Dropzone could win over even the biggest LoL or DOTA 2 fan. In essence, you can consider it a combination of MOBA and RTS. Each player controls three units, and Cores must be deployed in the centre of the map. The opponent tries to prevent this by dropping as many pink pellets as possible into the drop zone. The most exciting thing about this concept is the ability to partake in great gameplay with relatively few players per team. As part of casual MOBA gaming, a trend is slowly developing of smaller groups battling against each other. In this respect, Dropzone is really on the ball.

Dishonored 2 – Assassin's Creed with Power

The basic principle of Dishonored is extremely similar to the successful Assassin franchise, or games such as Thief. So the concept as a whole has been put into hyperdrive in this release. Different forces can be used to sneak up on, ambush, or lash out at your opponents with deadly force. These superhuman abilities have been taken even further in this latest release. Many more creatures can now be taken over, and with 'link mode' the victim's fate is able to be shared. The biggest development, however, comes from the huge strides made in the game's graphics when compared to its predecessor from 2012. That particularly impressed us, as did the little characteristic features of all the gems we've mentioned here gamescom 2016.