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How to get the best use of Lara?

  • Your message should be short and clear.
  • Send just one sentence and one message at a time.
  • Use the options (buttons) that Lara gives after asking a clarifying question – this helps her give you a more customized answer.
  • Say merchant instead of naming a specific website or my bank instead of your bank’s name. Lara is constantly learning but she may not be able to understand what you are referring to if you are being too specific
  • Use the terminology that is found across the paysafecard website to make it easier for Lara to understand you from one sentence. For example when speaking about transferring money from your paysafecard to your my paysafecard account, say deposit; when speaking about transferring money from your my paysafecard account to your bank account or say withdrawal; when referring to a specific paysafecard feature,