Do you have questions about paysafecard?

Find frequently asked questions and answers about using paysafecard here. Simply browse the different categories or use the search bar.

What can Lara help you with?

Lara can understand short sentences in English and:

  • will point you to the right article in our Frequently Asked Questions, saving you the time to browse or search for it
  • give you tips what to do if you can’t log in
  • guide you through the verification process and advise you on the documents we need
  • answer questions about payment options: what options we support, fees, timeframes

Lara can’t check and process a specific transaction for you yet, but she can navigate you or will tell you to contact us, so that your transaction is looked into as fast as possible. If you’ve moved to another country, for example, Lara can’t update your address for you, but she’ll give you instructions on how to do it right away. If Lara thinks you need help from a Customer Service agent, she may not always be able to transfer you to a live chat, but she’ll point you to the best contact channel based on your inquiry.