Buy Amazon gift certificates easily - without a bank account or credit card!

Buying Amazon gift certificates is incredibly simple with paysafecard - with no need for a bank account or credit card. This allows you to top up the balance of your Amazon account quickly and simply, or alternatively give your friends or family gift certificates as presents.
Amazon gift certificates are available in the following amounts: €5, €10, €25 or €50.

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Buying Amazon gift certificates is simple with paysafecard:

  • Get paysafecard from a local sales outlet. You can find the closest one to you by simply using our handy sales outlet finder.
  • Top up your my paysafecard account with your purchased paysafecard PIN. If you don't already have a my paysafecard account, you can sign up for one here for free and enjoy all the advantages of your own personal payment account from paysafecard.
  • Use the balance in your my paysafecard account to buy an Amazon gift certificate from It takes just a couple of clicks! If you haven't already signed up at the paysafecard voucher shop, then you can do so now here.

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Give Amazon gift certificates as presents with paysafecard!

The enormous range of products on offer at incredible prices makes Amazon gift certificates an excellent and useful gift for any occasion. Amazon gift certificates remain valid until the end of the third year after their purchase. You can also top up your Amazon account with multiple Amazon gift certificates until you have saved up enough to buy exactly what you want.

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Amazon gift certificates: Even more shopping enjoyment with paysafecard

paysafecard is the European market leader in online prepaid payment methods. paysafecard has been the safe way to pay for online entertainment for many years. Paying with paysafecard is incredibly easy because it doesn't require entering any bank account or credit card information.

Once you have signed up for your free my paysafecard account, you simply top it up by entering the previously purchased 16-digit paysafecard PIN. Then you can pay online quickly and easily with my paysafecard by simply entering your username and password. This means even more time for you to enjoy shopping!

Amazon is the world's biggest online marketplace! Its massive selection has been providing shopping enjoyment to countless people around the world for years: An Amazon gift certificate lets you buy books, including the latest bestsellers, films, TV series, games and music. Even electronics such as the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iPhone 5S, iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, and the latest tablets and TV appliances are all available at Amazon. The same goes for clothes and shoes, perfume, and many more products, such as Lego Star Wars, fashion accessories and Android apps. 

Jan from Berlin

I regularly use Amazon gift certificates to buy new games and films for my PlayStation. I don't have to travel anywhere to do it and they are delivered to my house for free a few days later.

Anna-Lena from Munich

I couldn't do without Amazon any more. Ordering is easy and convenient. And I have the latest books in my hands in record time. That's why my friends often give me Amazon gift certificates as presents and why I'm always very happy when they do.

Jannick from Hamburg

I know exactly what I want to buy, which is why Amazon's huge selection makes it the perfect place for me to shop at. I like shopping from home and I use the time I save doing so to spend on my hobbies!


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