Payout made easy with my paysafecard

You can now make payouts from an online shop very quickly and easily. In order to use paysafecard payout, you just need a my paysafecard account. You can then conveniently have the desired amount paid out to your my paysafecard account. Now sign up free of charge online for my paysafecard – without a bank account or credit card!

Three simple steps to your my paysafecard account

  1. Sign up

    Sign up

    Fill out the online form - signing up is free of charge.

  2. Confirm Confirm

    Confirm your telephone number and email address.

  3. Use


    That’s all! You can now use your my paysafecard account easily and securely. 

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The benefits at a glance

  • Use my paysafecard for incredibly simple top-ups and payouts: Also enjoy a complete overview of your transactions at all times.
  • Quick and simple payouts! The payout goes straight into your my paysafecard account.
  • Your transactions are only ever displayed in your my paysafecard account - your privacy is completely protected at all times!
  • Free currency conversions: Your my paysafecard account is held in the currency of your country. Payouts in other currencies are automatically converted. paysafecard does not charge you anything for this service!

Payouts are simple

  1. Select paysafecard as the payout method in the online shop.
  2. Select the payout amount.
  3. Enter your my paysafecard e-mail address once (this will already be available and will not have to be entered again for future payouts).
  4. Initiate the payout. Finished! Payouts are simple with my paysafecard.

Always on the safe side

paysafecard stands for total security. Find useful information here on paying safely online and protecting yourself against scams.