Available at all times: This is how you use paysafecard direct via the app

Select paysafecard direct

Log into the app in your my paysafecard account and click on menu option paysafecard direct.

Select the amount and generate a barcode

Select the desired top up amount. You can choose from various nominal amounts. With paysafecard direct higher amounts of up to €250 are also available to you.

The barcode is valid for 90 minutes. After the period has expired, you may generate a new code.

Scan the barcode in the sales outlet.

Ask for paysafecard direct at the sales outlet, show them the barcode and let them scan it.

All sales outlets offering paysafecard direct bear the "d" symbol when searching in the list of sales outlets.

If the staff are unable to scan the barcode, a number is also printed beneath the code. Ask the sales employee to enter this number.

Pay – Your my paysafecard account is topped up

Pay the top up amount directly at the sales outlet. The respective amount is available on your my paysafecard account within just a few minutes.

You can then generate further barcodes and top up your account with even higher amounts.

paysafecard direct sales outlets

Find paysafecard direct in the vicinity. All sales outlets that offer the service can be identified by the symbol.