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For some time now, Ukash has been a part of paysafecard - Europe's leading prepaid provider.

For this reason, Ukash is no longer available in Great Britain. However, any remaining credit you may have may still be used until 31 October 2015. You can find a list of online shops accepting Ukash here.

If you have any questions about Ukash and the changeover to paysafecard, please contact Ukash customer service.

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paysafecard is Europe's leading online prepaid payment method and offers numerous advantages:

1) Pay online as easily as using cash

paysafecard works like Ukash: Simply buy a voucher and pay online with the 16-digit paysafecard PIN like you are paying in cash. With paysafecard it's even easier:

  • Any remaining credit remains valid and can be used later.
  • Multiple PINs can be combined when paying.

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2) Even more sales outlets

paysafecard is available at over 500.000 sales outlets worldwide, in UK for example from over 25,000 PayPoint locations. Find your nearest sales outlet here.

3) Even more online shops

paysafecard lets you pay at thousands of providers from the worlds of online gaming, sports betting & poker, music, film and entertainment, and so many more.

For questions about paysafecard, please contact us at info@paysafecard.com

Ukash Services
How paysafecard works
Paying with a voucher
Simply buy paysafecard at a sales outlet and pay by entering the 16-digit PIN.
Combining PINs
Multiple PINs can be combined when paying. Simply enter them in the box. No registration necessary.
Using remaining balance
Any remaining balance left on a voucher stays valid for use at a later time. It's not necessary to have a new voucher for the remaining balance to be issued.
Ukash Account
my paysafecard is your personal account from paysafecard:
  • It allows you to add PINs to your account for easier managment.
  • my paysafecard also lets your pay by simply entering your username and password.
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Information for Ukash prepaid MasterCard customers:

Manage your Ukash prepaid MasterCard by logging in as usual here.

Please click here  to top up your Travel Money Card.


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