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Cyber Week is here! From 25 to 30 November, you can save up to 90% with the Google Play Deals! Here are our recommendations for really cool items and mobile games!*

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Candy Crush Saga

The legendary Match 3 game is still in full swing and with more than 7000 levels (!), you can spend more than just one winter with this sweet puzzle game. While it starts off gently and may seem too easy, it develops into a challenging problem to crack. A perfect game for enjoying the cold season. Get double the value on holiday packages.

Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO became an absolute hit in summer 2016. Four years later, the developers have added more and more features and naturally, new Pokémon. Go for a walk, conquer arenas, battle against the villains, Team Rocket, or even against other trainers via the Internet. There are also new features, with which you can play the game from home. Save up to 60% on boxes, so that you can be the best, better than anyone before you.


The massive hit, Roblox, is more than just a game. You can play innumerable creations made by other users, but also develop your own with the editor. Flex your creative muscles and maybe you will develop the next big Roblox hit! Take advantage of the Google Play Cyber Week Deals and receive a 50% discount on a play-exclusive item.

PUBG Mobile

The original Battle Royale game keeps things fresh with updates and events. Drop onto an island with 99 other players and try to survive the longest. Up to 90% discount on Weapon Kits and more await you.

Brawl Stars

In Brawl Stars, two teams with three players each battle for jewels. Grab them and stay alive long enough to win. If the opponents switch you off, you will lose all of your jewels and they will gain the upper hand. Together with your team, you must also consider who should carry how many jewels, in order to minimise the risks and win. Celebrate season 4 with quadruple the value in the game.

Human: Fall Flat

Wibble Wobble. That's how it feels why you try out physics-based puzzles in Human: Fall Flat. Solve puzzles in 12 levels and find the fastest paths in this fun obstacle course adventure. You can even experience the chaos with up to four players. Save 60% and off you go!

The Room: Old Sins

The fourth part of the prize-winning The Room series puts your puzzle-solving skills to the test again. Everything starts with a mysterious dollhouse. Prepare yourself for intelligent puzzles and also try to think outside of the box occasionally. Save 80% and puzzle away!

Don't Starve: Pocket Edition

Don't starve! That virtually says everything that you need to know about this survival game. Explore the landscape, search for resources and stay alive for as long as possible. The indie game hit on the PC has been adapted perfectly for mobile phone or tablet with an adapted control unit. Prepare yourself, save 80% and make sure that you don't starve!

Monument Valley 2

How about a beautiful labyrinth, an exciting atmosphere and nice puzzles? Then Monument Valley 2 is just right for you! The completely new successor to the surprise hit brings new architecture, a new plot and the same, wonderful game play on your mobile phone or tablet. Save 80% and start the puzzle relaxation!


*Offers may vary depending on the region